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tv   Louisiana Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 19, 2014 3:28am-3:31am EDT

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in the future -- good things we delivered via flying robots? that might undermine the need to have more time in a car. autonomous vehicle or not. a lot of reasons why children would use the car for today. they can just be dropped off with a drone. we don't know what kind of butterfly a fa this -- effects has because of these technologies. >> we have five minutes. unless there is one question in the middle. thank you. >> my question is with a drone technology one of the biggest impediments is avoiding technology. i feel like it could be available with automobiles.
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have you seen any collaboration with automobiles and the aviation industry to develop this technology? >> the question is in regards to drones. i don't see a whole lot of overlap collaboration but keep in mind the faa has a stranglehold on any sort of commercial innovation right now with completely precautionary-based approach. shalt not is the name of the game. are seeing a somewhat more flexible approach when it comes the vehicle technologies. i hope the faa does that and minix that -- mimics that. >> i have spoken to a gentleman who was working for a part supplier that is designing some of the sensor technologies. they are just that in both the automotive and aviation market.
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there is always some companies considering that. i worry about ntsa, but faa ntsa look like some permissionless authority. until those are resolved, that is a big problem. >> aerial drones is the headline onceer, but the reality is autonomous vehicles are out there and able to deliver goods to people, i think the desire to use aerial drones will decline. wait problems will be significant and it will be easier to use a ground vehicle. >> that brings the q&a session to a close. what remains is lunch and you were all invited.


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